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INFINITO 2017 of the unorthodox poets society

Born October 26, 1975 on the South Side of Chicagos Wild Hundred Area. A Scorpio who is dedicated to Facts in his Hip Hop Music and Art. 
The worlds first Regular Black Dude.
This is the situation its like the summer of 1989 in Dixmore a suburb of Chicago, Illinois a 13 year old young man named Marcellous Lamont Lovelace had been in the basement for weeks planning out the next creative venture in his life, then all of a sudden it strikes him like a bolt of lightning Im going to record music from this point on. With the assistance of his Hip Hop rhyming older cousin he begins his mission. He went up stairs and said hey man I want to record some music, he told his cousin that I need some beats so after gaining the appreciation of his gifted older idol he ran back down to the basement and told his younger cousin who would later become his partner. Within hours he changed his name from Dariel Dashon Franklin to the MC Dariel D and Marcellous would change himself into the M C ML (Master of ceremony Marcellous Lovelace) with a group called L D P how simple just take the letters in your government name and you have Lamont and Dariels Posse. After hours of planning they figured it out we can take two boom box radios and put them together, one for the music and another for the sound, but what about the microphone well we will try this for now. Recording over a loop of the Big Pay Back by Mr. James Brown it went down we write the hooks then freestyle the verse. Several hours later you have what was to be the first album that began his love of recording -music. They did that until the summer was over then again when they met up on holidays and long school breaks.

It was all love until Marcellous mother surprised him with we moving to Fort Knox, Kentucky, ending so soon its now 1990 and Marcellous has moved back and forth from Kentucky to Illinois and back. What a life stressed out, introverted, and shy out in the middle of know where Marcellous resorted to his love free styling raps to the white kids in Kentucky and at home to his brother. Making over ten freestyle tapes a week over other peoples beats. It was all for the love until a few disagreements with his mother that caused another move to Memphis, Tennessee to live with his grandmother in the summer of 92.

Now away from his cousins and brother Marcellous new word was alone. Being introduced to down south gangster rap Marcellous was side tracked from gaining any type of fame from music because he felt in his heart that all Hip Hop was suppose to be original and have a positive message not about money just creativity. So he just free styled to his self and did it for the love. Now its 1994 after graduating from high school in Memphis Marcellous moved back home to Chicago again. He began working and living in the city with his father. This situation probably made Marcellous the strong man that he is today because living with the father taught him about respect and how to love the family he did have. Then it happened he went from let down to rejection yes tragedy Marcellous's partner in rhyme Dariel D had passed away due to violence in the inner city. Never to record again this group was now left as a tattooed memory on his arm. Saddened and very disagreeable with his father Marcellous had to move back to Memphis to start over again. Threw this he lost and gained romantic relationships and collected allot of college bills. Nothing has seemed to work out right sense the death of Dashon. In 1995 he got into that trap called credit and bought him some turntables, some vinyl records, a mixer, speakers, and a tape deck. It has finally happened Marcellous can record directly into a mix. Making recordings daily he trained his vocal chords to have maximum breath control. Now he is ready to take this act beyond the open mic and the cipher its time to make albums, but before hand another tragedy one of his closet uncles passed away. Stress was the year no out look with anything until the fall of 1996. Now its time for the rebirth of the basement rhymes, vocalist, and style supplier. After, entering his third year at school at Memphis college of Art Marcellous ran into a few characters from around the country, that all respected his style and his character. The show down that set off a lot of the material he's recorded comes from this time period. Open microphone night a battle with the out of Towners versus the local crews, beef and intensity was in the room every week until, one week Marcellous ran into his future support system that we know as only Wade locally known in Memphis as Mr. Skurge. This man prepped Marcellous on how to record on tracks, mpc 2000, and more live shows.

Yes Wade knew it all and how to do it not only did he give Marcellous a new name to add to his belt he gave him confidence to be original publicly and not just make music for his own enjoyment, but for others. Infinito was the name he was given meaning, this guy just cannot stop rhyming? But honestly Infinito means Timeless, Infinite, and Boundless. The first sessions were sloppy and from those came a freestyle album as usual. Then the 4 track mishaps, next the main piece the Documentary. Wade and Marcellous did plenty of shows in Memphis with rock bands and hip-hop groups under the name The Unorthodox Poets Society. This group name came from a failed 97 attempt to get students at the University of Memphis to form a hip-hop organization for the school. After all these let downs not including record companies and print media Marcellous moved back to Chicago in 98 to become something for the city of his birth. Marcellous encountered much rejection from all directions except for two crews the Molemen and the Nacrobats. He later joined the Nacrobats during the finalizing of his seventh or eighth album later moving once again to explore life in Atlanta, Georgia and back to Chicago. Yes and from all this moving he has gained acceptance from a large audience of followers world wide and picked up production from Molemen inspired allot of people to take the do it your self-approach. Marcellous brings pure original, underground hip-hop.

In 2003 Marcellous began working with the Molemen and you can witness this progress at Marcellous Lamont Lovelace, a proud Chicago South Side MC, is now known outside his locale as Infinito 2017. Ever since his decision to make Hip Hop his creative venture in the summer of 1989 he has kept himself busy. With projects too numerous to list, Infinito has kept true to his namesake. Add that to his talents as a painter and a political activist, and you have the makings of an artist. Aside from his solo projects, Infinito is also part of the Unorthodox Poets Society with Mr. Skurge. His upcoming album will be collaboration with the Molemen, who were impressed by his work ethic that eventually caught the attention of Fat Beats Records. As his upcoming single states, " It's Not That Difficult," Infinito can do the impossible.

In 2004 Marcellous linked forces with Thaione Davis to form I.T. INFINITO (2017) and Thaione (Davis) a combination of production and instant lyrics from instant thought process. 

Look out for the many ventures to come in the near future always new and always fresh Holla side wayyz Infinito is not in the building. The worlds first Regular Back Dude. Infinito also has over 25 videos to go with over 35 albums or more that he has created in his hip hop lifetime with his own label Nephew of Frank Records (formulated for the love he has for his Family in Chicago, Arkansas, Memphis Atlanta, Philly, Cali and all over Frank is short for Franklin his immediate Families original last name and shortened form of one of his uncles (Dariel ds father) name), by him-self and with the help of others. He needs no one to make him work he is motivated from his own heart and love of being creative. Also Infinito has his own label, which includes the many versions of himself look for him on CD, Vinyl, Tape, Video and DVD and all multi media formats in your lifetime. A 15 year and counting work of art in the making cant nobody build Marcellous Infinito Lovelace because he is boundless. 2017 is just the beginning. 


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The Saga of the Twisted Turmoil 
by Marcellous Lovelace

1975 Born in Chicago IL
1980 - 1991 Started doing Art and Making Hip Hop music, break dancing doing graf writing
1992 I had just moved back to Fort Knox Kentucky for the second time my mother was stationed here. The first time I came here I really did not like 
it and left as soon as possible. I encountered racism regular basis in Kentucky. This was during the Gulf War so my high school class collected a lot of information on Iraq. 

1993 I had just moved to Memphis to live with my grandmother that summer. She needed some one with her in Memphis. When I first entered Hamilton High I did not know anyone and I was a real introverted. So I stayed to myself and never got to know anyone at Hamilton. 

1994 This is the year I graduated Hamilton High. When the school year ended that year I moved back to Chicago and lived with my father. I did not like 
Memphis when I first lived there. My cousin Shon died this year. He was beaten into a concussion and later passed away. 

1995 My uncle Normal Main passed away this year on the same day as my cousin the year before. I do not know how he died. By the end of this year 
I was back in Memphis living with my mother. 

1996 A very creative time of my life when I first met my good friend Wade and began recording music with him. I met one of my first real girl friends. 
She told me that we should see other people because she must explore other situations. I also began my second go round at Memphis College of Art and 
became cool with a lot of people I know to this day like Keith. 

1997 I started school at Memphis State University but never finished the semester. I went to jail for zero tolerance in which the arresting officers 
said there was no direct reason I was just out at the wrong time. My friend Keith from Miami was with me he also was locked up. The case was dropped after the police officer couldnt tell which person was driving; we spent lots of money on court cost and a civil rights attorney. I began painting a picture a day this year to get over all the pain. 

1998 I applied to the Art Institute of Chicago but was denied due to not being able to deal with one situation. Meaning I was not settle. I entered school at Columbia College. 

1999 I entered school at Northern Illinois University and did not finish the semester. I met T. Mitchell (love of my life so far) who to this day is the best woman I never got to really know. I have no clue to this day why we never connected. Guess I was bashful. I also moved to Atlanta this year with my younger brother. This was the best of times due to having all my own. 

2000 My brother and me moved from Atlanta to an apartment on South Shore in Chicago. My little brother had a son and named him after me. My little 
brother moved back to Atlanta to live with our mother. He wanted to take care of his son so he moved back. 

2001 I d begin my second semester straight at Columbia College in the spring and my last thus far and enter at Chicago State University in the 
fall. Id record my twentieth album and paint my 1000th painting or more. I visited New York for the first time. 

2002 I visited New York for the second time and go back once more before years end to attend the 25th anniversary of the Rock Study Hip Hop event. 
got a 12inch distributed deal for my music through Fat beats New York. Released my 27th or so album. And I still cant decide if I like school so I enter at the Art Institute of Chicago.
2003 got another apartment on 83rd....went back to Kennedy king college. ..met some crazy females and ended up working at fed ex in bedford park il....
2004 worked at dunkin dounuts that sucks....
2005 got removed from art school lost my apartment in chicago on 83rd and Marshfield  (my land lord died)....hmmm back at  university of memphis  had to move to Atlanta again and ended up in Memphis until spring 2005 and i got this Scholarship to goto San Francisco Art Institute and finish my Art degree ....yeahh joe
2006 Man my lift got more debt and struggle .. found the lady love of my life .. dropped out of school in Cali .. started working at UPS got kicked out for being to real .. started working at a high school and ended up not likeing it cause it was to fake and sad the way students are treated.Got a little to much and became real ill towards folk at times.
2007 Lost the lady of my dreams only to reconnect and lost again????? Made about 14 albums that all came out. Reconnected with my??? OF HIP HOP AND STARTED WORKING ON MOST HIGH DEFINITION FOR 08
disconnected with bad waste.Moved back to Chicago (why / its hard ).Worked at Wetzels Pretzels.
2008 Went back to Kennedy King (why)? Most High Definition - and reconnected with ??? ...whoaaaaa.Still.. back to Chicago (its no real gain). Silly jobs .. got sick .. and and and ..
2009 got a bachelors degree ... made about 10 albums
2010 went to grad school / released and made over 10 albums ... went to Jamica
2011 went on international tour with Thaione Davis and Cos G / recorded over 10 albums and released  / Went to mutiple Island Countries
2012 Graduated from University of Memphis with Masters Degree / Traveled most of the United States / Completed several Art Exhibitions




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